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1. What is Haaatly?.

Team of Omani youth aims to deliver products from the best stores in the most efficient way by creating a high quality system, in addition to implementing all logistics services. Simply put, we provide shops with the opportunity to increase their operational capability, provide them with new ways to increase customers and thus profit, increase publicity for the shop, get free marketing, and utilize the advanced logistics we provide, allowing shops to focus on their core competencies. We also provide customers with the ability to order a good product from variety of the best stores. Now, Haaatly will start with flowers and gifts delivery then add other categories..

2. How can I order from Haaatly?

Haaatly provides customers with multiple portals to order from. These portals are the means of displaying the product lists (descriptive and image) of our partner Haaatly stores and include the following:Website ( application (from Apple Store Store)Android application (from Google Play or Play Store

3. What types of shops are located on Haaatly?

Haaatly is a high quality system with a variety of shops. This range of shops is the best stores available in Oman.

4. How is the product delivered to the consumer?

When customer submits an order via our website or application, the Haaatly system will provide the driver who will automatically go to the shop that the customer ordered from, receive the order, and deliver it.

5. What are the payment methods that Haaatly accepts?

In order to provide you with the best possible experience, we accept all forms of payment, cash on delivery, Visa / MasterCard and online payment. Our mission is to make your life easier.

6. What time I can order from Haaatly?

We deliver to your doorstep every day from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

7. Is there any minimum order in Haaatly?

Yes, Minimum order is 10 R.O

8. Why do I have to apply via Haaatly and not by phone?

If you want to have problems with telephone communication, including hearing the list of products in full and placed on the waiting until you can request your product, we make it easier via Haaatly Web/App. In addition, we offer a variety of products at the best prices with GPS driver tracking feature to track the order reaching you home.

9. Is Haaatly an Omani Company?

Yes, we are a company based in Muscat and established in Oman and Managed by Omani young professional team. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us.

10. Can I submit order to arrive later?

Yes. You can order any time and for any day. .

11. What happens if my order gets wrong?

Our customer service staffs are trained and will help you to make sure that your order problem has been resolved as soon as possible. You can always contact us via or contact our customer service directly 94768866

12. Why does Haaatly not reach the area where I live?

We are currently working on expanding to all regions in the Sultanate and we will work with the shops closest to you to ensure that your experience is good when you order from us.

13. What happens if my order is delayed?

Haaatly drivers will try as much as possible to be as fast as possible. Our system ensures that the driver takes the shortest route to reach you. But sometimes things may come out of our control and cause an unexpected delay. If your order is delayed by the time specified for arrival, we will notify you in advance and we will ensure that your order arrive at your doorstep.

14. Can I apply without creating an account?

We recommend that you create an account in order to be aware of all new store additions and offers that we will provide.

15. Can I cancel an order I've already submitted?

Yes, you can cancel an order within 5 minutes of submitting it, whether online, Visa / MasterCard or Cash on delivery But you cannot cancel the order after this 5 minutes because your order will be in the process of execution by our partner shops. But we recommend that you communicate directly with customer service 94738866


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